The Night Gardener by The Fan Brothers

The Night Gardener by The Fan Brothers

The Night Gardener by the Fan Brothers (Terry and Eric Fan, authors and illustrators). 2016. Graphite and colored digitally

Brief Summary: A secret night gardener creates and trims trees to look like animals  each night along Grimloch Lane exciting the residents and making the street more interesting. William’s curiosity leads him out of the house at night to follow a stranger who turns out to be the garden artist. He shows the boy how to create this type of art called topiary.  He leaves clippers for William who makes a fox shaped bush.

Comment: This is the first book for the Fan Brothers.  The illustrations are of people and a street about fifty years ago.  When I share this book with my students, I will make sure they know that it is never a good idea to follow a complete stranger into the night.  I will pair this with the Topiary Park website showing the students that there really are parks like this and one in our own back yard.  I will also show how it is connected to the main library downtown.

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