The Airport Book by Lisa Brown

The Airport Book by Lisa Brown

The Airport Book by Lisa Brown; illustrated by Lisa Brown. 2016. India ink and watercolors.

Brief summary: A family with two children go to a busy airport where they go through security, the waiting area, the jetway, and then inside the plane. After the flight, they pick up their bags where Monkey, the little girl’s doll, is found. The last pages are of them going on their vacation.

Comments: The delightfully detailed drawings throughout the book are interesting and give the reader a good idea of what to expect when going on vacation by plane.  I appreciate that there is a  diversity of people at the airport and the couple included in the story are biracial.  I look for those type of books where everyone in my class can relate to someone that looks like them. I would use this with transportation units of study. This is a definite addition to my elementary school library. One of my favorites this year.


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