Return by Aaron Becker

Return by Aaron Becker

Return by Aaron Becker; illustrated by Aaron Becker. 2016. Watercolor, pen, and ink.

Brief summary: A girl draws a door on the wall with a red crayon and walks through it. Her father discovers the door and opens it discovering a forest with a pier where his daughter’s red ball sits. He goes to it getting on a little boat shaped like a dragon. The daughter finds her royal friends. The father looks up and sees her. Soldiers arrive trying to steal the magical crayons. They escape in a submarine drawn by one of the magical crayons and go into a large cavern where the drawings on the wall are about her adventures including her father’s. The father is able to save the magical crayons, releasing them along with a large purple griffin that flies away. They go back home.

Comments: This is the last of the trilogy with Journey and Quest written a few years earlier. Story without words. Students will enjoy the progress of the story and the watercolor contrasts.

journey  quest

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