The Runaway Egg and Tiger Tiger: Two New Babysitting Picture Book Reviews by Angela Ferraris

Do you remember your first babysitting job? Were you paid? Did you take a babysitting course to prepare you for any mishaps? These two picture books have inexperienced babysitters who  do not want to babysit at all  and  really would prefer taking a nap but instead are forced to watch younger ones.  Both sitters have adventures that wake them right up.

The Runaway Egg

  1. The Runaway Egg by Katy Hudson; illustrated by Katy Hudson. 2017. Published by Random House.

Brief summary: Chick is told to watch his little brother while his mom goes out. He seems bored as he takes a nap on the egg.  His little brother begins to hatch. “Crack” and off he ran!” Chick runs after his half hatched brother who now has his two skinny chicken legs sticking out of his white egg. Chick goes through one near miss after another. The little brother runs into the pigs’ sty, then into the sheeps’ pin, and finally into the field where the big bull sleeps. All the while Chick is frantically chasing his little brother all around the farmyard. The adventures end when little brother wakes the bull. Chick quickly grabs his sibling and runs down the hill to the chicken coop in time for his mother’s return and at the same moment his little brother fully hatches out of all of the egg. His mother asks if Chick is ready to be a big brother unaware that he has being doing just that.

Comments: Older brothers and sisters can relate to just how much attention and energy is needed for a younger sibling.  “Have you ever had to do any babysitting for your younger sibling(s)?” This book would be a good talk about what it is like to have a younger sibling. “Are you the big brother/sister to anyone? Are you the little brother/sister? Turn and share with the person next to you.”

Buy The Runaway Egg here. *


2) Tiger Tiger by Johnny Lambert; illustrated by Jonny Lambert. 2017. Published by Tiger Tales.

Brief summary: Tiger has to babysit Cub and is not sure how to take care of the full-of-energy feline.  He tries to go back to sleep but is wakened by the little ball of orange fur. Cub’s energetic curiosity has him excitedly going through the rain forest discovering all of the jungle animals while Tiger slowly strolls close behind. Cub’s enthusiastic and wonderment of the world around him is just what Tiger needs, and the father starts to become more energetic the longer they play and explore. Both become closer through this outing, as Tiger is reminded of the jungle’s beauty seen through the eyes of his cub.

Comments: The eye pleasing illustrations in this picture book are with bright colors and shades of greens throughout.

Buy Tiger Tiger here.

*(I may get a commission for purchases made through links in this post through the Amazon Affiliate Program.  Books reviewed were checked out of the public library and not sent to me free for review).

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