The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt


The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt; illustrated by Adam Rex. 2017. Published by Balzer & Bray.

Brief summary: Rock, from the Kingdom of Backyard, is a warrior without defeat and is looking for a worthy opponent. Paper, from the Empire of Mom’s Home Office, is also a warrior without defeat and looks in his empire for a worthy adversary. Scissors is from a small village from Junk Drawer and is also a warrior without an equal challenger. All are the best and bravest warrior in their land. The three slowly encounter each other, battling to see if they can be defeated thus creating the legend of Rock Paper Scissors.

Comments: This is a huge hit at my elementary school. I played the book trailer to build excitement and read the book the following week except for the kindergarteners. I had to read it right after the trailer. Next week seemed like a year to them.

The words and illustrations go so well together; one of the better pairs I have seen in a while. Drew Daywalt scored big time with the students by taking  this simple deciding game to a whole new level of imagination.

Adam Rex’s hilarious illustrations of Rock, Paper, and Scissors are a delight to the students’ funny bone.  The various fonts and sizes he uses capture the movement and energy of the warriors. Some words are half as large as the page to indicate shouting. Smaller sized words are read in a regular voice.   Readers–I suggest practicing various volumes and voices ahead of time. I practiced in front of my cat until he left the room, because I was shouting like the wrestling-match announcer voice indicated in the book with the large bolded words.

I brought in a pair of big scissors, a sheet of stock card paper, and a rock all with super-glued googly eyes on them. You  could also go as far as  bringing in all of the opponents that these three challenged.  Props  make the story even more fun to act out.

Children related to the humor and the personification. They all know the game but will play in the future with those three illustrated characters in mind.

Warning: You will hear students all over the library shouting “Rock paper scissors shoot!” “Rock paper scissors shoot!” “Rock paper scissors shoot!” until you feel like you have lost your mind, but well worth the joy of reading you just shared with future lifetime readers.

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(I may get a commission for purchases made through links in this post through the Amazon Affiliate Program.  Books reviewed were checked out of the public library and not sent to me free for review).

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