You Can’t Be Too Careful! by Roger Mello

You Can't Be Too Careful

You Can’t Be Too Careful! by Roger Mello; translated by Daniel Hahn; illustrated by Roger Mello. 2017, originally published 1999 in Brazil. Mixed Media. Published by Elsewhere Editions.

Brief Summary: “White rose is safely in her pen.” The gardener watches her. This story moves from one character connected to the next character with various consequences until the rose comes back into the tale. Now the story turns and repeats itself backwards and the characters have opposite things happen or with changed characteristics.

Comments: Very clever book. I wasn’t sure if I would remember what happened to each character as the story unfolded, but I did. This is a unique book that stands out for its imagination and unique illustrations. So full of color and interesting people. Mr. Mello has written over 100 books and is well-known in Brazil. I hope we see more of his books translated to English.

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