Please Please the Bees by Gerald Kelley

Please Please the Bees

Please Please the Bees by Gerald Kelley; illustrated by Gerald Kelley. 2017. Albert Whitman & Co.

Brief summary: Benedict the Bear takes for granted the three jars of honey the bees give him each morning. One day he opens his door, and there is no honey, only empty jars. The bees are on strike. Little bees are flying around with picket signs. He is told that the hive needs to be fixed, and there are no flowers for them in his yard. Bear researches what bees like and goes shopping. He returns and fixes the hive. He cleans up his yard and plants wildflowers. The bees are happy and go back to work.  Benedict the Bear now harvests his own honey.

Comments: Students could pair this book with a nonfiction bee book or even bounce from this book to doing  online research on how important bees are to Nature and how we can help them prosper.  It would be beneficial if this could be taken even further by having an area on the school grounds with a bee area where plants that bees favor could be grown.  Students could plant the flowers from seeds inside along window sills and then take them outside to be transplanted.  I understand that this could be a problem for those with bee allergies, but it would teach them that bees are not enemies that should be feared. Coexist.

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