The Book No One Ever Read by Cornelia Funke

The Book No One Ever Read

The Book No One Every Read by Cornelia Funke; illustrated by Cornelia Funke. 2016(Copyright by Cornelia Funke), 2017(published by Breathing Books).

Brief summary: Morry, a five-year old book, decides to push himself forward a bit on the library’s book shelf but is scolded by the other books explaining what is was like to be read. The fingerprints. The food stains.  Morry did not care. He fell off the shelf and went on a little adventure landing in front of a child with sticky fingers. Morry is now happy with a name written in his front pages and worn pages from being read several times.

Comments: When reading the book, the young reader may not pick up on all the contributes that the author made of her favorite authors and poets in the way of the books on the shelves. They are hilarious and are mentioned in a back dedication page. I am considering reading this to my students at the beginning of the year as a part of a library orientation lesson.

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