The Missing Letters: A Dreidel Story by Renee Londner


The Missing Letters

The Missing Letters: A Dreidel Story by Renee Londner; illustrated by Iryna Bodnaruk. 2017. Published by Kar-Ben Publishing.

Brief summary: The dreidel maker’s shop is closed. The Nuns, Heys, and Shins  gather together whispering and complaining about how the Gimels have it better. Each one tells what happens when the player gets them during the spin. They jealously explain when the player lands on the gimel, the player could take all of the pot. Everyone always cheers for the gimels. They decide to hide all the gimels so they cannot be added to the dreidels. The shop keeper comes in the next moring and is puzzled by the missing gimels. He explains the history of the dreidel to his apprentice as they search. The two look for the gimels all day and have to go home without finding them. At night, the Nuns, Heys, and Shins come out after hearing the shopkeeper’s history of the dreidel. The letters realize that they are all important and take the gimels out of their hiding spots so the dreidel maker and his apprentice can finish making the dreidels the next morning.

Comments: This is a cute and fun way to explain the dreidel game and its importance during Hanukkah. The Dreidel Game is explained on the back page.

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