I am Peace: a Book of Mindfulness by Susan Verde

I am Peace

I am Peace: a Book of Mindfulness by Susan Verde; illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. 2017. Ink, gouache, watercolor and tea. Published by Abrams Books for Young Readers.

Brief summary: A child  is worrying about what could happen or what happened in the past, causing the mind and body to go unbalanced. The child learns to stop, be in the present, and allows the mind to relax by being mindful of what can be done now. By using all the senses, saying out loud positive self-talk,  and feeling the breath of  this moment, peace is eventually accomplished.

Comments: I think this would be a nice holiday gift for those children and adults who need to just relax and be kind to themselves while in a busy life. There is an author’s note telling how to have mindfulness and being fully in the present moment. There is also a guided meditation section in the back focusing on how to be mindful of our breathing. I am Yoga ,also by Susan Verde, go hand-in-hand with this book.

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2 thoughts on “I am Peace: a Book of Mindfulness by Susan Verde

    • I agree. I remember sitting and coloring in a coloring book when I was a child. No TV in the background. My sister and I would just hum and color while listening to the wind in the trees. I now have an illustration station in my library for students to sit and draw after they check out their books. They need that. A place just to relax for a moment.

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