A Busy Creature’s Day Eating! by Mo Willems

A Busy Creature's Day of EatingA Busy Creature’s Day Eating! by Mo Willems; illustrated by Mo Willems. 2018. Published by Hyperion Books for Children

Brief summary: A purple monster with a pink and blue striped outfit alphabetically eats through things in the house beginning with Apples and then ending up feeling sick at Q for Queasy. The father comes in and gives the monster child foods that are to help the stomach-ache until “V” happens in which the monster is put to bed.

Comments: The creature could be any child that overeats everything in the house until a big stomach-ache occurs. It is nice to see an ABC concept book with a story. End pages have a large upper cased blocked ABCs. The back flap has a cartoon of Mo Willems with his brief bio sketch.

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