Under My Hijab by Hena Khan; illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel

Under My Hijab

Under My Hijab by Hena Khan; illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel. 2019. Adobe Photoshop. Published by Lee & Low Books, Inc.

Brief summary: A young girl shares how six different women in her life wear their hijab according to their own preferences. She observes how the headscarf is worn in different styles and considers how she would like to wear her hijab one day that would match her personality too.

Comments: I learned that Hijab is singular and plural. There is an “About the Hijab” section in the back that explained that a Muslim female may choose to wear the hijab or not depending on her interpretation of Islamic religious requirements. The headscarf is often taken  off at home. Girls don’t wear the hijab daily until adolescence, so that could be  why the young girl in the book is considering how other women in her community wear theirs.

I think I would share this book by bringing in my mother’s lace scarf that she and the other women use to wear on their heads when they went to Mass in the early 1960s. She did not wear it any other time and would always have it in her pocketbook.

The illustrations are bright and colorful especially the eye catching cover.

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