Carter Reads the Newspaper by Deborah Hopkinson; illustrated by Don Tate

Carter Reads the NewspaperCarter Reads the Newspaper by Deborah Hopkinson; illustrated by Don Tate. 2019. Mixed media. Published by Peachtree Publishers.

Brief summary: Carter G. Woodson was born in 1875 and grew up hearing about his family’s history.  He reads the newspaper to his family and learns about the world. He works as a farmer, garbage collector, and coal miner. He opens his house to the other miners filling it with books and newspapers. He reads the newspapers aloud to those who cannot read.

After mining for three years, he moves home and starts high school finishing it in two years at age 22. He goes to college to become a teacher. He continues his formal education earning a PhD in history from Harvard University.  In 1926, he is able to create Negro History Week to be the second week of February to mark the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. He sends out pamphlets and puts notices in newspapers about it as a way to talk about and preserve African-American history. Today, we celebrate Black History Month in February thanks to Carter Woodson’s efforts.

Comments:  There are internet and print resources listed in the back along with an author’s and illustrator’s note. The back of the book also has a timeline of his life and a list of quotations. I would introduce this book at the end of January as an introduction for Black History month.

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