Hildegard of Bingen: Scientist, Composer, Healer and Saint by Demi

Hildegard of Bingen: Scientist, Composer, Healer and SaintHildegard of Bingen: Scientist, Composer, Healer & Saint written and illustrated by Demi. 2019. Published by Wisdom Tales. 

Brief summary: Hildegard (1098-1179) was born in Mainz, Germany. As a child, she had “lights”, sometimes called visions of Heaven, at times when she closed her eyes. She was also able to predict the future. All of this gave her terrible headaches in which her parents thought it would be better for her to go the Benedictine Cloister of Mount St. Disibod where people who saw God could go and pray. As she was being educated, she proved to have an astonishing intelligence. She was able to compose the music after hearing the performance one time.

At eighteen, she became a nun and was later elected Abbess. She became  known for her visions. She told them to a nun and monk who began to  write them down in a book called Know the Ways of God. At 53, she finished her book and became famous. She and her nuns moved to a town near Bingen where she became Hildegard of Bingen. Hildegard wrote five more books after age 65. She also wrote 77 symphonic songs. In her 60s and 70s, she toured around Germany organizing and reforming monasteries as she preached and healed. She was declared a saint in 2012.

Comments: This woman was amazing! I recommend this book  for sacred and secular libraries. She is an example of how one person can make  a difference. I was impressed how Hildegard started her writing career in her fifties. After researching her a bit on the internet, I was surprised and pleased to see that her teachings are still being recognized and followed.


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