The Sad Little Fact by Jonah Winter

The Sad Little FactThe Sad Little Fact by Jonah Winter; illustrated by Pete Oswald. 2019. Digitally illustrated using gouache watercolor textures. Published by Schwartz and Wade.

Brief summary: A sad little fact is laughed at and ridiculed. The Authorities(with a capital “A”) demand that the sad little fact admits that it is NOT a fact. It refuses to lie which angers the Authorities,  so they throw it into a locked box buried in the ground with other facts. While underground, the Authorities create a factory of lies calling them facts. These lies pretending to be facts cause the skies to darken. The fact finders  come along demanding to know where the facts are buried. The fact finders start to dig and find the box of true facts. They release them, and the facts chase away the darkness of the world.

Comments: What a great parable to share before teaching media literacy! For all ages, including adults.

I cheered for the fact finders!

The little facts are cute  fuzzy circles with large eyes and skinny stick arms and legs.

Source: Open Society Foundation at :

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