Violet Shrink by Christine Baldacchino

violetshrinkViolet Shrink by Christine Baldacchino, illustrated by Carmen Mok. 2020. Gouache, color pencil, and graphite pencil. Published by Groundwood Books.

Brief summary: Violet prefers to spend time by herself. Her father tries to help his daughter come out of her shell and socialize by having them go to various parties. He always changes the name of the gathering, so Violet is not sure they are parties. They go to a reception, a function, a potluck, a bash, and many more. Her father helps Violet recognize the positive things of going to a party and does not push her to join the fun. He lets her experience them the way she can.

Comments: I like that the father does not force Violet to be someone she is not but at the time points out all of the fun things there are at parties. I commend the author to write about an anxiety and demonstrate how the father allowed his daughter to talk to him about it without judgement.

I’d like to see more mental health picture books like this that are not gimmicky or with an obvious message. I think others with introversion will be able to relate to Violet.

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