A New Day by Brad Meltzer

A New Day by Brad Meltzer; illustrated by Dan Santat. 2021. Watercolor, color pencil, crayon and digitally in Adobe Photoshop. Published by Dial Books.

Brief summary: Sunday does not want to be a day anymore. The other days are surprised. They decide to put up posters to get a new day. Tryouts are full of a variety of new day ideas–Dog Day, Fun Day, Caturday, and many more. A young girl comes up with the best day. Can you guess what it is?

Comments: These hilarious fully colored illustrations are on all of the pages…even the end pages. (I always appreciate illustrations on the end pages instead of just white!) Many speech bubbles. A graphic novel vibe at times. A fun book to share. I would suggest sharing with intermediate elementary students in order for them to get all of the humor.

A New Day by Brad Meltzer & Dan Santat – Official Trailer
Virtual #BNStorytime​: Brad Meltzer reads A NEW DAY

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