The Rock From the Sky by Jon Klassen

The Rock From the Sky by Jon Klassen; illustrated by Jon Klassen. 2021. Water color and digitally created illustrations. Published by Candlewick Press.

Brief summary: Turtle enjoys standing on his favorite spot when Armadillo comes along and asks what he is doing. After Turtle explains, Armadillo says that he is getting a bad feeling in Turtle’s spot and encourages his friend to try HIS favorite spot. Turtle declines. Armadillo leaves. Snake comes along and stands with Armadillo at his spot and begins talking with his pal. Turtle is unable to hear them and begins to move away from his favorite spot and closer to Armadillo’s; escaping just in time.

Young readers will enjoy reading more about these three(and an alien) in these connected funny short stories.

Comments: Jon Klassen writes the funniest picture books with laugh-out-loud story lines. I always look forward to reading his latest.

Young readers will enjoy the suspense of the impending doom of the rock falling from the sky. Will it land on one of the characters? Predictions could be shared after each story. Expect a lot of giggles.

Virtual #BNStorytime​: Jon Klassen reads THE ROCK FROM THE SKY

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