I Dream of Popo by Livia Blackburne

I Dream of Popo by Livia Blackburne; illustrated by Julia Kuo. 2021. Published by Roaring Brook Press.

Brief summary: A young girl and her family immigrate from Taiwan to America leaving their Popo behind. The granddaughter remembers walking in the park with Popo and receiving a red envelope on New Year’s day. She remembers looking where San Diego is located on the globe and compares it to how far the young girl will travel from Tawain.

The young girl make friends with a wide variety of children from various cultures and learns to speak English. She video chats with her Popo and tells her that she misses the dumplings. She goes to visit her grandmother and notices how home has changed including her Popo. She returns back to America concerned about how her Popo will look the next time she visits.

Comments: Popo’s death is gently alluded at the end of the book. The author and illustrator share their Taiwanese heritage and how this book means something special to them. There is also a list of words used in the book with a Chinese pronunciation guide.

Livia Blackburne and Julia Kuo discuss the inspiration behind I Dream of Popo (Updated)

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