Bracelets for Bina’s Brothers by Rajani LaRocca

Bracelets for Bina’s Brothers by Rajani LaRocca; illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat. 2021. Illustrations done in digital media. Published by Charlesbridge.

Brief summary: Bina separately asks each of her three brothers what colors they like and dislike so she can secretly make them bracelets for Raksha Banhan instead of buying them in a store. Bina and her mother visit a bead store where the girl picks out beads and special charms. She makes bead patterns with the help of her dog, Tara, but can’t remember at first what colors each brother likes and dislikes. Not giving up, she finally finds success and gives each brother a bracelet to keep them safe for the year. They each give her a gift in return and promise to take care of her.

Comments: What a touching Hindu holiday celebrating the brother/sister bond. I love that this book taught me about Raksha Bandhan, and that it is usually in August.

The illustrations are colorful and large enough for a read-aloud.

If chatting about 80’s music & yummy sweets feels like your everyday vibe join Rajani LaRocca for a peek at her 2 newest books!

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