Butterfly for a King by Susan L. Roth

Butterfly for a King by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore. 2021. Paper and fabric collage. Published by Lee & Low Books Inc..

Brief summary: Lava blasting from the Pacific Ocean creates Hawaii and its islands. There is a butterfly that only lives in Hawaii. King Hamehameha is born the same year the Halley’s Comet is seen in 1758. He battles the other chiefs and is able to bring all of the islands under one rule. This butterfly is named after him–Kamehameha Butterfly.

The butterfly is named as the state’s insect although its population is dwindling. The state’s Department of Land and Natural Resources works with the University of Hawaii to study the butterfly to increase its population. This is called the Pulelehua(Hawaiian word for butterfly) Project. The scientists need to learn more about this butterfly and ask the citizens to help collect data. With the help of many, the citizens are able to successfully increase the butterflies’ population.

Comments: There are two story lines in this book: 1)The primary story is told in a large font at the top of the pages. 2)The nonfiction narrative story is at the bottom with smaller text.

The afterword is very informative with photos. The back pages include “Illustrator’s Note and “Authors’ Sources”

I think this would be a book that could be shared with the primary spring butterfly unit as well as extinction prevention.

Butterfly for a King book trailer
Tea Time Talk with Cindy Trumbore and Susan L. Roth

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