About Reading32Pages

About Reading 32 Pages

Welcome to Reading32Pages where you will find short and current picture book reviews. These are books that I would buy for our school library. Since I am recently retired, these are the books that I recommend that stand out to me as I look through the hundreds I borrow from our local public library.

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I have the comment moderation turned on. Your comment will appear after it has been approved. Keep in mind that young readers may be reading about the picture book I reviewed, so I will not approve your comment if there is inappropriate language. Be kind; be polite. No spam or ads, please.

If you see that I made a typo or grammatical error, I’m totally cool with you politely letting me know. No need to be snarky. I am fully aware that I have an attention span of a hummingbird and miss things when I proofread. I may be contacted at reading32pages@gmail.com

By the way…

I may receive a small commission for purchases made with links in a post through the Amazon Affiliate Program.  Books in this picture book blog are not sent to me in exchange for a review, but instead, are checked out from a public library.