Even Monsters Need to Sleep by Lisa Wheeler


Even Monsters Need to Sleep by Lisa Wheeler; illustrated by Chris Van Dusen. 2017. Illustrations done in gouache. Published by  Balzer & Bray.

Brief summary: This is a sweet little bedtime book featuring various baby monsters that need to sleep. Each monster starts out something like “When Bigfoot goes to bed each night,”  and then continues with what that monsters needs in order to sleep. Includes other monsters like trolls, yeti, and aliens.  The story is in rhyme.

Comments: Children will wonder more about these monsters during bedtime reading which I believe will spark conversations and possibly reading other books about each monster.  I see this book as a stepping stone for more monster-related books at bedtime. This is not a scary monster book but one that has humor and silliness about various monsters and their bedtime needs.

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Tell Me a Tattoo Story by Alison McGhee

Tell Me a Tattoo Story by Alison McGhee

Tell Me a Tattoo Story by Alison McGhee; illustrated by Eliza Wheeler. 2016. India ink with dippers and watercolors

Brief Summary: A little boy asks his father to tell him stories about the tattoos. The dad explains the life events that occurred that inspired him to get each tattoo.  The last one is a small heart with his boy’s birthday.

Comment: I can imagine parents stopping and talking about their own tattoos after reading this book to their child.   I bought this one for my school library because there really are not too many tattoo books at an elementary level. I think it will go out a lot because of the subject manner.