A Hungry Lion or a Dwindling Assortment of Animals by Lucy Ruth Cummins

A Hungry Lion or a Dwindling Assortment of Animals by Lucy Ruth Cummins   A Hungry Lion or a Dwindling Assortment of Animals by Lucy Ruth Cummins; illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins. 2016. Brush marker, gouache, graphite, colored pencil and charcoal

Brief Summery: A child assumes the lion has been eating the creatures as they slowly disappear from the story, but all along, they all have been preparing to throw the beast a surprise party. The lights go out, and he does eat them. The lights come on, and there is a T-Rex standing there who eats the lion. The turtle survives it all by pretending to be a rock.  The ending suggests another story with a little turtle eating a large cake.

Comment:  I plan to use this book when I talk about about story predictions. There are several times in the book that I could stop and ask the students if they could predict what would happen next in the book.

Rain Fish by Lois Ehlert


Rain Fish by Lois Ehlert

Rain Fish by Lois Ehlert; illustrated by Lois Ehlert. 2016. Collage

Brief Summary: After the rain, one can walk through the city and see images of fish made out of everyday things found in the streets.

Comment: I think this book would be a good example to use in art class to show how we can use our imagination and see things in new ways.

Treat by Mary Sullivan



Treat by Mary Sullivan; illustrated by Mary Sullivan. 2016. Pencil on Strathmore drawing paper, scanned, and digitally colored.

Brief Summary: Dog wants a treat and looks everywhere for one with great enthusiasm using that one word over and over. Treat? Treat. Treat!

Comment:  I plan to use this with my primary to practice reading with question marks, periods, and exclamation marks. I want them to see how our voices change saying the same word but with different meanings.

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