Dormouse Dreams by Karma Wilson

Dormouse Dreams

Dormouse Dreams by Karma Wilson; illustrated by Renata Liwska. 2017. Pencil, colored digitally.

Brief summary: The dormouse is deep asleep in his tree unaware of winter slowly turning to spring. The snow melts and animals come out of hibernation all around him while he continues to sleep and dream.  A friend knocks on his door and wakes him. They get married and then are seen in the tree dreaming together.

Comments: This is an adorable book about that time when winter starts to slowing disappear and the hibernating animals are coming out to greet spring.  This is not a narrative nonfiction book as several of the forest creatures are playing with darts, skiing and engaging in other outdoor games while the little dormouse is asleep in a tree above them.

I looked up dormouse, because I did not remember ever hearing about these type of mice when I was growing up. I found out why. First, they are not mice but are related more to squirrels. Also, they are not found in the United States but are in Europe, Africa, and Asia. They do hibernate for a long time– six months or more.

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The Storm by Akiko Miyakoshi

The Storm by Akiko Miyakoshi

The Storm by Akiko Miyakoshi; illustrated by Akiko Miyakoshi. Originally printed in Japan 2009. 2016. Charcoal illustrations.

Brief summary: A school boy is told to go straight home after school, as there is a bad storm coming. The boy is upset because he wanted to go the beach with his family. The storm’s winds and rains come along with thunder and lightening causing him to hide under his blankets where he dreams of pushing the storm away. He wakes the next morning to a blue sky.

Comments: The whole book is done in grays matching the mood of the storm.  The blue sky on the last page really popped. This would be a good read to students during the weather unit of study.