When the Babies Came to Stay by Christine McDonnell

WhenthebabiescametostayWhen the Babies Came to Stay by Christine McDonnell; illustrated by Jeanette Bradley. 2020. Digitally illustrated using Procreate for iPad. Published by Penguin Random House.

Brief summary: Four babies with notes asking for someone to take care of them mysteriously appear on an island  The librarian decides to take them after everyone gave reasons that they could not. She shortens the names of the babies to A, B, C, and D and gives them her last name, Book. Several of the islanders help raise the babies.

When the babies become older and attended school, they began to have many questions about where they came from in which the librarian did not have a definite answer and emphasized that they should focus more on where they were going.

Comments: I thought it was funny that the librarian lived above the library. I often felt that would be a perfect place for any librarian and children to live.

The Book Hog by Greg Pizzoli; illustrated by Greg Pizzoli

The Book HogThe Book Hog by Greg Pizzoli; illustrated by Greg Pizzoli. Published by Disney Hyperion.

Brief summary: The book hog loved the smell of books, buying them, and being surrounded by them. However, he could not read. One day as he was taking a walk, he came across a building that SMELLED like books. He went inside to find thousands of books. Miss Olive, a children’s librarian, offered to read a book with him.¬† Over time, he learned to read¬† and love books for their stories as well as how they felt(and smelled!).

Comments: Adorable story to read to primary young readers. The illustrations are mainly orange, pink, and green. The end pages are tiny pink and green dots.

If I was still a school librarian(and not retired), I would read this book the first day kindergartners came to visit the school library and then open up a conversation to see if any of my students ever visited a public library explaining that they now have another type of library they can visit each week.