The Wolf, the Duck and the Mouse by Mac Barnett

The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse

The Wolf, the Duck & the Mouse by Mac Barnett; illustrated by Jon Klassen. 2017. Mixed media. Published by Candlewick Press.

Brief summary: One morning, a mouse is eaten by wolf and moans about his unexpected end as it sits in the beast’s belly. “Be quiet!” The mouse is surprised to find a duck in bed. They have breakfast together in which the rodent learns all about the duck’s life inside the belly of the wolf. The mouse asks if he can stay too where there is no worry. The duck agrees. They dance about causing the wolf’s tummy to hurt.  The duck suggests he knows how to cure his ache and lists a few supplies he would like the wolf to swallow. A hunter comes along and tries to shoot the wolf. Realizing their safe home is under attack, the goose and mouse come up with a plan scaring the hunter away. In return of saving his life, the wolf grants them a favor.

Comments: Has a fable feel. My favorite line is “I may have been swallowed,” says the duck, “but I have no intention of being eaten.” It made me think of what it would be like to live inside the belly of a beast that I was always being frightened by in my every day life.

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Be Quiet! by Ryan T. Higgins


Be Quiet!

Be Quiet! by Ryan Higgins; illustrated by Ryan T. Higgins. 2017. Scans of treated clayboard for textures, graphite, ink and Photoshop. Published by Disney-Hyperion.

Brief summary: Thistle and Nibs, mice friends, keep talking about ideas for the book that Rupert wants to make. Rupert, the mouse that wants to be in beautiful, wordless book is not happy with their input of how the illustrations should be or how many words.  The problem is that his two mice friends will not stop talking.

Comments: There are speech bubbles. The humor that we all know from  Ryan T. Higgins’ Mother Bruce and Hotel Bruce will have students laughing out loud  again with this book of three mice as they walk through the book that is supposed to be wordless.

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I Am the Mountain Mouse by Gianna Marino

I Am the Mountain Mouse by Gianna Marino

I Am the Mountain Mouse by Gianna Marino; illustrated by Gianna Marino. 2016. Gouache and pencil.

Brief summary: Four short tales about a very determined, carefree white mouse who believes he is a brave and mighty mountain mouse and tries to dominate each situation resulting in many of his own misunderstandings. He ignores his three mouse friends’ advice in every silly adventure.

Comments: Primary readers will relate to his misinterpretations and try to predict what will happen next in each mini story.