Rhyme Crime by Jon Burgerman

Rhyme CrimeRhyme Crime by Jon Burgerman; illustrated by Jon Burgerman. 2018. Published by Dial Books for Young Readers.

Brief summary: Hammy’s hat is stolen and switched for a cat. A mystery shadow hand is seen throughout the book taking and switching it with rhyming items from the many characters in this silly and clever book of rhymes. Who is this mysterious thief? Will the police catch the perpetrator? Where did it all go wrong?

Comments: I can’t wait to share this with primary students when we go back to school. Students will need to think of a rhyming word that could match what was just stolen by the mystery hand. Turn the page to see if they are correct and then get ready for the next character on the right side of the page that gets something stolen.

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Even Monsters Need to Sleep by Lisa Wheeler


Even Monsters Need to Sleep by Lisa Wheeler; illustrated by Chris Van Dusen. 2017. Illustrations done in gouache. Published by  Balzer & Bray.

Brief summary: This is a sweet little bedtime book featuring various baby monsters that need to sleep. Each monster starts out something like “When Bigfoot goes to bed each night,”  and then continues with what that monsters needs in order to sleep. Includes other monsters like trolls, yeti, and aliens.  The story is in rhyme.

Comments: Children will wonder more about these monsters during bedtime reading which I believe will spark conversations and possibly reading other books about each monster.  I see this book as a stepping stone for more monster-related books at bedtime. This is not a scary monster book but one that has humor and silliness about various monsters and their bedtime needs.

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This is the House That Monsters Built by Steve Metzger

This is the House That Monsters Built by Steve Metzger

This is the House That Monsters Built by Steve Metzger; illustrate by Jared Lee. 2016.

Brief summary: Various spooky Halloween monsters build a house in the accumulate style of storytelling.

Comments: This is a version of This is the House That Jack Built. There is rhyming and rhythm.