Birdsong by Julie Flett

BirdsongBirdsong by Julie Flett; illustrated by Julie Flett. 2019. Pastel and pencil(composited digitally). Published by Greystone Kids.

Brief summary:  Young Katherena and her mother move from their city house by the sea to the country. In the summer, Katherena is encouraged by her mother to meet their neighbor, Agnes and the elderly woman’s dog, Ôhô. Agnes encourages the young girl to draw. Over the seasons, they develop an intergenerational friendship and share each other’s passion of art. Agnes’s daughter visits her mother and welcomes the little girl to join her to sit at the old woman’s death bed until it is time to say goodbye.

Comments: This is such a nice and gentle story of a friendship between two artists. The ending when Katherena sits at Agnes’s side after covering the bedroom walls with her drawings of birds to give the elderly woman a beautiful sendoff  is so touching.

I recommend this book for school counselors to have in their collections for students who may be experiencing death of a love one.


Together by Emma Dodd

Together by Emma Dodd

Together by Emma Dodd; illustrated by Emma Dodd. 2016. illustrated credited digitally.

Brief Summary: An otter and her pup spend the day together watching the time go by as the mom gathers food and cherishes the time together arm-in-arm.

Comments: Sweet and touching story of a mother and her baby. Pages have shiny paper to make the water sparkle. One from the Emma Dodd’s Love You Books series. For babies to preschoolers. Love will be coming out on Dec. 13, 2016.


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