Squeak! by Laura McGee Kvasnosky; illustrated by Kate Harvey McGee

Squeak!Squeak! by Laura McGee Kvasnosky; illustrated by Kate Harvey McGee. 2019. First painted the black layer in gouache resist and then painted the color digitally in Photoshop. Published by Philomel Books.

Brief summary: Early in a forest’s morning, the breeze of the wind went past a mouse’s ear causing him to *squeak*! That *squeak!* floated to a chipmunk causing him to chatter in the branches of a pine tree. A pine cone falls into the river below making a *splash!* in the water. All of the creatures in the forest’s habitat experience the result of the wind’s first touch of the mouse’s ear resulting and ending with the mouse again.

Comments: Fun way to learn about the sounds of the forest.  This book could be read to introduce a hearing unit and a forest habitat. This also could be an onomatopoeia introduction book.

Watersong by Tim McCanna


Watersong by Tim McCanna; illustrated by Richard Smythe. 2017. Watercolors and finished digitally. Published by Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers.

Brief summary:  A fox goes into a watershed to catch a duck but misses and gets caught in a stream that throws him out when he falls over a waterfall to a forest below. He takes shelter in a fallen tree during a rain shower until it clears. He sees his mate under a rainbow, and they dance as he is reunited with his family on the return of a hunt.

Comments: This book’s beautiful full-paged watercolors illustrations compliment the gentle rhyming of the water. Clever rhyming with onomatopoeia  water sounds. There is a section called Listen to the Watersong explaining the ecosystem of a watershed.

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Noisy Night by Mac Barnett

Noisy NIght

Noisy Night by Mac Barnett; illustrated by Brian Biggs. 2017. Published by Roaring Brook Press.

Brief summary: The front end pages show a young boy sleeping in a dark room. Next, the title page shows him awake looking up to the ceiling, “What is going LA LA LA above my head?” Each page introduces a new apartment level and night activity along with an onomatopoeia as the story  continuously ascends to the very top floor  where a little old man yells down  for everyone to go to bed. The back end pages show the old man sleeping in a dark room.

Comments: This is a fun and silly book teaching onomatopoeia. Students will enjoy mimicking the sounds.

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(I may get a commission for purchases made through links in this post through the Amazon Affiliate Program.  Books reviewed were checked out of the public library and not sent to me free for review).