Peeking Underground by Karen Latchana Kenney

Peeking Underground by Karen Latchana Kenney

Peeking Underground by Karen Latchana Kenney; illustrated by Steven Wood. 2016. illustrations are done digitally.

Brief summary: Turn the book vertically and learn about the different layers of the earth in fun illustrations.

Comment: This is from the What’s Beneath series which are written either by Karen Latchana Kenney or Esther Porter. This  unpaged nonfiction book has  diagrams, a glossary, a read more section, and a using the common core section. No index. Can be connected to for more sites related to the book. I plan to buy the whole series  for the nonfiction area. Primary. The illustrations were detailed and fun either with Steven Wood or Andrés Lozano.

by Esther Porter (Author), Andrés Lozano (Illustrator)

by Esther Porter and Andrés Lozano

by Karen Latchana Kenney and Steven Wood