The Great Dictionary Caper by Judy Sierra

thegreatdictionarycaperThe Great Dictionary Caper by Judy Sierra; illustrated by Eric Comstock. 2018. Digital. Published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

Brief summary: Grand Marshall, I, tries to get everyone ready for a parade but has trouble with the longest word(see if you can guess what it is), action verbs, no action contractions, homophones, antonyms, palindrome, archaic words, proper nouns, anagrams, interjections, and others to get back into the dictionary with the help of Noah Webster(first dictionary) and Peter Mark Roget(thesaurus).

Comments: Glossary in the back. This actually will be better understood by the older young reader who can understand and is familiar with all the types of word categories. I would share this with third grade on up.


The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds


The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds; illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. 2018. Published by Orchard Books.

Brief summary: Jerome collects words like other children collect items for their hobbies. He collects words he hears, sees around him, or reads in a book. He writes them down on pieces of paper and puts them in scrapbooks. One day, he is carrying a huge stack of scrapbooks when they all fall to the ground emptying into themselves; creating words that string together like never before. Jerome starts to create poems and songs using the new combinations. He goes to the top of a hill and throws them into the wind where children in the valley below collect them.

Comments: This book could be read and compared to word walls that are in the classroom. How can we classify these words? By the first letter? By syllable count? By meaning? What if we put these three words together?